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Ceramic Art Gold Ring

Ceramic Art Gold Ring

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  • Ring base: Fine ceramic
  • 18K Solid Gold | Yellow Gold 
  • Body size: Width approx. 3.4mm x thickness approx. 2.4mm
  • Body weight: Approx. 2.1g 

*Available in Hong Kong sizes #10.5, #12, #16.5 and #19.
Intermediate sizes and resizing are not available.

         Introducing a completely new type of gold ring, created with the concept of "allowing more people to enjoy jewellery."

Ceramic jewellery, which was developed in search of the jewellery required in the modern era, is a new type of jewellery that is "allergy-free," "gender-free," and "stress-free."
Ceramics, which have been used in high-end jewellery in recent years, have a unique moist texture and smoothness, as well as being easy to handle and allergy-free.
Our ceramic jewellery is designed and designed so that the precious metal parts do not come into contact with the wearer's skin.
It is said that one in ten Japanese people have metal allergies, so we have made sure that everyone can enjoy our jewellery.
In addition, by enlarging the ceramic surface, it has a simple yet voluminous feel, and can be used genderlessly.
Ceramic is a light material that is resistant to wear, heat, and corrosion, and is easy to care for, so it is an item that many people enjoy, such as an item that emphasizes your individuality without hesitation in everyday life, or as a matching item for couples.

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