Keliy is the persona I have chosen for myself, embodying the essence of Meraki in everything that I do.
In Greek, Meraki (μεράκι) means "when you do something with creativity or love, putting a piece of yourself into what you do." It represents the belief that we can infuse our art with our souls and passion.
Growing up surrounded by the fashion and garment design industry, a particular memory stands out vividly in my mind. As a child, countless hours were spent nestled in my family's bridal shop, helping bead tiny accessories onto wedding gowns. The feeling of my little hands caressing each shimmering piece of jewellery still remains fresh in my memory.
Although I had always envisioned carrying on my family's deep passion for fashion design, my journey took an unexpected turn when my mother, my biggest source of inspiration, passed away. Yet I discovered a treasure: a special jewellery box left behind by her, filled with exquisite pieces that evoke simplicity, elegance, and an eternal beauty beyond words. 
The seed of love and support that my family has sown in my soul has propelled me towards this journey into the world of jewellery design. This kind of love is a new form of lineage, which inspires me to create something special for you, someone who appreciates the finer things in life, just like you.
"FIERY RED is the real color of passion, the fiery energy, the energy of rebirth."
This is us. 
At Kelimeraki, we go beyond accessories. By embracing the timeless values of creativity and passion, we imbue these concepts into all our collections. We believe that jewellery is not just an external adornment but also an extension of the body's beauty.
We delicately infuse the spirit of Japanese jewellery craftsmanship into each of our collections. Our meticulous attitude and passion for creativity enable us to craft art pieces that can be worn daily.
We are committed to using natural stones, making ethical selections, and creating affordable yet refined pieces that are little but powerful.
"We do small things in a great way."
Our vision is simple yet impactful. 
'Simple, Exquisite, Timeless'
We strive to create exquisitely designed and elegant jewellery that reflects the timeless beauty of our customers and empowers them to express their individuality with sophistication and accessibility.
As we see it, living a satisfying life involves creating a platform that represents our true selves. Kelimeraki provides the perfect stage to launch my vision and is where our utopia begins.
We hope that our jewellery will allow you to capture and cherish the beautiful scenes that we see in Kelimeraki.



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